Living life with intention, purpose and love


Happy [very belated] New Year! I was intending to post this in January, then February, then March – oh well, back into blogging now, so hopefully will have more regular posts from now on.

I was having a trip down memory lane late last year, listening to some bands on YouTube that were favourites of mine when I was in university (as an aside, how often is it that the type of music we listen to in our late teens is the type of music we continue listening to throughout our life – there must be some neuroscience research backing this up!). I ended up watching some Sinch video clips and saw in the comments section of one of them that one of the band members, Jay Smith, had been diagnosed with ALS (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease) a few years ago.

After a quick search on Google I discovered that, while paralysed and unable to speak, Jay Smith leads an extraordinary life of advocacy and love. He founded Every90Minutes, which advocates for finding a cure for ALS, but what really resounded with me was an article of his that I read titled My Life As A Snowman, particularly the bolded part of the following quote:

You see Frosty is more than just a balled-up mound of dirt and snow, he’s a guy with a real existential problem on his hands. Instead of moping around with his corn-cob pipe and button nose, he recognizes his limited time and decides to live with intention, purpose, and love. He doesn’t worry about his withering body or going out into town looking like a freak whose eyes are made of coal.

As we enter 2017 my prayer is that we will be a people who live with intention, purpose, and love.

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